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Why Should I Give You My Email? ...


What Do I Get?

"People have concerns about spam and privacy, and reluctantly share information. You must clearly say what they’re signing up for and getting."

We Provide VALUE:    Easy access to the details & pictures for the Real Estate You Want to See.
We Provide SERVICE:    Care, experience, & commitment, while Assisting You Buy or Sell.


Who Are You?

"Acknowledge concerns, don't avoid them. Clients must feel they can trust you as their agent before choosing to work with you."

Information You Can TRUST & VERIFY:    We are people like you, not some faceless web site and not some giant company.  You can have our address, phone numbers; (843) 642-6655 / 609-2707 and email;  You can see our faces and read about us and see our references.  We want you to know us!


What Will You Do With It?

"People want help without feeling like they’re getting unwanted spam and solicitation. They want to choose how often they receive information."

Your PRIVACY:    We have a detailed Privacy Policy, but the short answer is only two local real estate agents get your information.   Read exactly what we will do with your information;
Your EMAIL:    We will only send you; daily or weekly Home Listing "PropertyAlerts" {SEE VIDEO} based on your criteria, Bi-monthly News Letters, and occasional Personal emails. That's it!
{Every email has an "unsubscribe"option. No need to "opt-out" of PropertyAlerts, you turn them On|Off anytime on the web site.}
Your PHONE NUMBER:    We might call you for two reasons; a.) to explain our web site and offer help setting up property "Saved Searches" {SEE VIDEO}, and b.) to offer assistance in Buying or Selling a home. That's it!


I'll Just Put Fake Information!

"Today's real estate consumer is more empowered than ever. They will use your website if it has the information and simplicity they need."

•   If you enter a bad email address you will not get the "Property Alerts" email {SEE VIDEO} when new property is added or a price changes, and that's why you're here.
•   If you put in a wrong phone number we can never share our knowledge about the real estate you’re interested in, and we can not truly understand your needs.
•   Our site is free to use. You can easily and awalys Contact Us and simply say "please do not contact me" (A short reason is much appreciated).


Does It Matter?

"The more transparent you are, the more clients will choose you, and refer you to others."

Example of REAL PEOPLE:    Mary & David landed our web site, started searching, and shared their email and phone number.  A day later we contacted Mary and we talked together about "what", "where", and "when" for their new home.  We created two "Saved Searches" for them and they begain receiving daily email "PropertyAlerts", as well as searching our web site for homes on thier own.  Six weeks later Mary & David closed on their new home that we helped them; find, negotiate, inspect, close, and everything in between.  This is a true story and we would be glad to put you in contact with Mary & David to ask about their experience and our value.


Show Me First!

"Agents need the tools and skills to deliver education and exceptional service. Minimize friction with your clients, and they remove their resistance."

How Our Site Works VIDEO:    We want to work with people that want to work with us.   We can help you Buy and Sell Charleston Real Estate.
Share a little information and let's Start a Real Estate Conversation!

Watch and see what you are signing up for now.  We offer the best and easiest Real Estate MLS Listings Search for Charleston South Carolina.  Enjoy, and please remember to Contact Us.

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