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Nov. 11, 2012

Charleston “Single House” vs “Double House”

Charleston Single HouseSingle House architectural style is a home built one room wide with double covered piazzas or porches.  Although it can be many rooms long and multiple stories high, it is typically no wider than 10 to 25 feet with the length of the house perpendicular to the street.  The house sits asymmetrically along one side of the lot line allowing most of the undeveloped area to be used as a single side yard.

Charleston Double HouseDouble Houses face full length to the street and are characterized by a central hallway running through the house with four rooms on each floor.  Two in the front and two in the back with living areas assigned to the first floor and bedrooms on the second.  It too has covered piazzas running along the length of the house.

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Oct. 18, 2012

Operation R&R Donates Vacation Homes to Military Veterans

Operation R&R Charleston South Carolina.jpgOperation R&R is a non-profit organization designed to provide our military veteran service men and women an opportunity to reconnect with their spouses and children upon their return from Iraq, Afghanistan, or other world-wide deployments without their family.

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May 21, 2012

Mortgage Rates Sink to New Records Once Again

Buyers, now is your time! Rates are low, banks are loosening up their tight grips on mortgages finally and the prices of homes have finally stabilized. Charleston, SC is a highly sought after area to live. Buying or Selling your home, now is beautiful time.

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Jan. 1, 2012

Real Estate Is Back

Maybe you’ve heard the news, maybe not.  Either way we’ve got all the details.

Realtors® Predict Future:
real-estate-is-back_INFOGRAPHIC Late in 2012 Agents across the nation were surveyed and asked about the future of Real Estate in 2013. 
Click the image to view the full InfoGraphic and see the optimistic outlook details.  Nothing short of positive all the way around!

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