Nov. 11, 2012

Charleston “Single House” vs “Double House”

Charleston Single HouseSingle House architectural style is a home built one room wide with double covered piazzas or porches.  Although it can be many rooms long and multiple stories high, it is typically no wider than 10 to 25 feet with the length of the house perpendicular to the street.  The house sits asymmetrically along one side of the lot line allowing most of the undeveloped area to be used as a single side yard.

Charleston Double HouseDouble Houses face full length to the street and are characterized by a central hallway running through the house with four rooms on each floor.  Two in the front and two in the back with living areas assigned to the first floor and bedrooms on the second.  It too has covered piazzas running along the length of the house.

CLICK HERE ~ See All Homes For Sale! It is also not uncommon to find a “Modified Double” home with covered piazzas or porches running along the street front.  Whether a single or a double house, the piazza is unique to homes of Charleston South Carolina homes.  As you approach and enter the “front door”, you are actually entering a side porch and not the house itself. The piazza is a covered open veranda, supported by columns or pillars, that stretches down the long side of the house offering additional outdoor living space where homeowners enjoy the views of the side garden.

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